DCEM2000_2100 Datasheet Dust Monitoring - CODEL - CEMS Document

DCEM2000/2100 Opacity/Dust Monitor
In-situ, low maintenance devices for continuous monitoring of opacity/dust emissions

- % opacity or dust density in mg/Nm3
- Dual-pass, open-path transmissometer
- Integral auto zero and span check
- Dynamic misalignment check
- Full contamination check on all active optical surfaces
- Integral high efficiency air curtains for maximum uninterrupted service

The DCEM2000 and DCEM2100 provide a continuous measurement of opacity or dust concentration in flue gases by continuously measuring the transmissivity of visible light across a process duct or stack.

Its dual-pass optical arrangement is based on twin transmissometers measuring in opposing directions through the same section of the gas stream, providing not only an accurate average of the dust loading, but also providing a unique dynamic assessment of any misalignment errors due to stack movement.

The measurement of opacity or particulate (dust) emissions from a process stack by measuring changes in optical transmission is simple in concept, the monitor must be insensitive to any other factors that degrade the optical transmission such as contamination of optical surfaces or gross misalignment.
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